05 January 2019

It never gets old

Snow!  Snow!  Snow!

You've heard me say that before, I know, but it never gets old.  Especially since I rarely have to be anywhere at a set time, don't have to travel for work, and don't have to shovel my own driveway.

And its so damn pretty.

View from the RV.  In the spring, I'll post all of these photos again to see the transition from season to season.

No filter here.  That's really what the red rocks look like under a fresh snow. 

Since the last post, I've done some amazing XC skiing. See, here in Colorado, you just dip into pretty much anywhere in the National Forest and start skiing. None of that groomed shit, thank you very much.   Sometimes there are snowmobile tracks, sometimes you just plow through the powder.  And when I say powder, I mean like legit oh-my-effing-Frosty, no-friends-on-a-powdah-day, business-closed-due-to-powdah  kind of powder.  The kind that if you fall (on purpose, of course), it just fluffs up and disappears.  For this New England girl (read: master of bulletproof ice and death cookies), its like being in heaven.  Every.  Damn.  Day.

This is at the end of County Route 14a - one of my favorite XC routes.  Look at all that powdah! ❄❅❆

Same spot, different day, different angle.  
View from CR 14 toward the Sneffles Range

Again, I will state publicly that Doug is going to have a hell of a time convincing me to ever leave here.  (Until all the summer tourists-with-screaming-children come, then I'll flee like the wind).

The pups seem to approve of this backcountry nordic skiing, too.  Something about a human skiing almost-out-of-control down a long downhill that fires up their herding instincts.

BTW, you really haven't lived until you've skied with a BC and an Aussie, herding each other and barking their heads off for the entire 4 miles.  Trust me on this one.

Action shot!

As if these pups weren't lucky enough, we also walk by the Ouray Meat & Cheese Market on our way to the Post Office nearly every day.  Which means that after every good run in the snow, they get to gnaw on a little cow leg.

Yeah, I think Doug's going to have a hard time convincing the pups to leave here, too.  😎

When I'm not on the snow, I'm pursuing my other re-found passion - pottery.  I worked out a deal with the owner of the studio in which I work in the studio in exchange for free clay, studio time, firing, glazing, etc.  The studio also serves as display space for local artists, so I've met some really cool, very talented, Colorado artists while I'm "working".

My wheel at the studio  Oh yeah, Sunday has her own chair, too.  

Life is good here on the Western Slope.  I still pinch myself several times a day to make sure I'm not just dreaming.

Sunday getting pets (and peanuts) in front of the fire at Mr. Grumpy Pants Brewing Co.

A friend shared this little gem today.  Nailed it!