About Us

We are the Norvell Pack.  Jen & Doug are the humans; Finn & Sunday, the canines; and Mookie is the feline.   A few of our favorite things are hiking, mountain biking, playing in the snow, drinking real beer, watching the Red Sox, and chasing squirrels.

Jen & Doug

The humans are both retired U.S. Army officers - Doug spent his time with a Special Operations unit, and Jen was a military lawyer.   We've been together since 2006 (although we had different canines back then).  We've both traveled all over the world, but we've never had the luxury of not having a backstop (i.e., end date) on our travels.  When Jen was battling breast cancer, we did a lot of soul searching and decided that it was time to start living the dream instead of just planning it.  So here we are, exploring in our RV, making up the route as we go along.

Finn and Sunday are both Border Collies, rescued from Arizona Border Collie Rescue.  Finn has an intense herding instinct, and spends most of his time herding Sunday, chasing squirrels, and trying to convince Mookie to wrestle with him.  Sunday is a trained Service Dog, expert dock diver and swimmer, and lives to hunt moles.

Finn & Sunday

Mookie (named after Mookie Betts, Red Sox RF) was rescued from a tree in San Antonio, TX when she was just a few weeks old.  Since she has grown up with two Border Collies, she thinks she's a dog.  She is also skilled at co-piloting the truck.

Mookie the Adventure Kitty

Our home-on-wheels is a 2016 Grand Design Momentum 397TH, pulled by a 2016 GMC 3500 Denali dualie.  In the garage, we keep a 2018 BMW 1200RT a 2015 Honda CTX 700, a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 29er, Specialized Stumpjumper 650b, a Sea Eagle inflatable kayak, a Sea Eagle inflatable SUP, Skilogic AT Skis, and a Burton Snowboard.  Oh, and and a litter box for Mookie.  😆

We don't have any set plan, but rather a set of parameters.  We all hate humidity, huge cities, and flat land.  The desert, evergreen forests, and snow make us happy, and we need mountains to hike.  Sunday has requested water suitable for swimming, and Finn would like some squirrels or bunnies to herd.  Mookie needs a sunspot and birds to hunt.

Follow us as we go!