14 February 2019

Ouray Ice Fest 2019

There are actually people out there who - on purpose - trek into a cavern where the sun doesn't shine, in the middle of winter, and then spend the day with their entire bodies pressed against a giant slab of ice.  I am not one of those people.

Not me.  Obviously.

Nope. Not me here either.  

Now, you may recall that I was planning to take an Ice Climbing Course last month.  I was all about trying new things, but ended up canceling my registration because my arms and chest just aren't strong enough yet to pull my overweight body up an ice wall by just my hands.

But Ouray is the self-declared Ice Climbing capital of the world, and I wasn't about to miss out on the biggest event of the year:  Ice Fest.  So I hitched my ice axe to the most awesome women's adventure group ever - Chicks With Picks (a/k/a/ Chicks Climbing and Skiing).  These are the same women with whom I took the Avalanche Rescue Course back in November.  This year was their 20th Anniversary, so they were hosting a big party, and had a booth at the fest.  I volunteered to help them decorate the Community Center for the party and man the booth for a day during the festival.  It was a blast!  I came home and told Doug I had finally found "my tribe". 

Handing out energy bars and hot tea to the climbers at the Chicks Booth.

Sunday was an honorary Chick for the day.

DJ BiBi McGill - who's last gig was as a guitarist for Beyonce - spinning the tunes at the Anniversary Party

My Tribe.  Adventurous women who drink beer.