07 October 2018

Grandstaff Canyon, Moab, UT

Grandstaff Canyon might be one of my favorite trails on this adventure so far.  With only a few hundred feet of elevation gain, it wasn't a lung buster, but there was enough bouldering to keep the heart rate up.  The trail ran along and criss-crossed a beautiful flowing stream with several spots deep enough for the pups to swim.  There were birds, lizards, and one snake that (thankfully) I didn't see.

Ignore the last mile of that one - I kinda forgot to stop my Garmin when I got in the truck.

AllTrails GPX is here

Two days later, I headed out with the pups to do it again.  I didn't go all the way to the end because I could see the thunder clouds rolling in.

I've never seen Finn this dirty!

The end/turn-around point.  

Standing under the arch at the end.

Hot and tired, but still smiling!

At the very beginning, looking into the canyon.

Look at how clear that water is!