07 October 2018


Although we were here for a whole week, we only had 2 days without rain.  One day, we took the motorcycles up Highway 128, which snakes along the Colorado River; the other day, we hiked into Grandstaff Canyon.  The rest of the time, we sat inside the RV and stayed dry (hence the flurry of catch-up blog posts!)

The story of Moab is best told through pictures.  This first set is from our motorcycle ride.

Note all the mature male deer - all in the same herd.

These pictures are from our hikes into Grandstaff Canyon.

Moab is really known for its mountain bike and ATV trails, and of course, watersports along the Colorado River.  We spent a week here in 2008 mountain biking, but didn't even get the bikes out of the garage this time.  Moab is not the place to test one's lapsed mountain bike skills, and the non-stop rain gave us another good excuse.  Maybe next time.

We did celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary (12 years together) yesterday with dinner at the Atomic Lounge, which was conveniently located right next door to the campground.  When you live in an RV together, "date night" simply means leaving all of the animals at home.  😄💕

This concludes our time in Moab, and in Utah.  Tomorrow:  Grand Junction, Colorado!