12 November 2018

Blue Lakes

Blue Lakes is one of the area's "gems".  Touted in all the trail guides, hiking databases, and tourist websites, this is the one hike all hikers "must do" when in Telluride/Ouray/Ridgway.  You know what that means?  Crowds.  People.  Unprepared idiots with no gear. 

Unless you're lucky enough to be retired, and live here, and hike it midweek during shoulder season.  😎

After hiking it, I can see why its so popular.  It is absolutely beautiful. Both the journey and the destination.  Although I had hoped to hike past Lower Blue Lake to the Upper Blue Lakes, I couldn't follow the trail.  Fresh snow and no trail markers past the turnoff made it impossible.  It was warm enough to hang out in the sun at the lake before turning around, and of course, Sunday got to go swimming.

This is the view from the trail about half way up.

Obligatory selfie with mountains in background.  

No filters, no edits, no adjusting.  This is really what it looks like out there! 
Best hiking buddy ever!

Double click and look around to get the full effect.

Lower Blue Lake.  Doesn't look very blue in winter.  

I'd love to go back here in the summer and see the wildflowers and actual blue water.  Although it would be hard to beat the solitude I had out here in the winter!