11 November 2018

Courthouse Mountain, Ridgway

Oh, Courthouse Mountain, you are such a tease! 

Two attempts and I still didn't make it to the top.  According to all the trail books, the 360 views at the top are worth every step, but it just wasn't meant to be .... yet. 

The first day, I was thwarted by the slickest, gooiest, soupiest mud I've ever experienced.  There just wasn't any getting traction at all.  I gave it a good effort, ending up covered head to toe in mud from all the slips and tumbles, but when the puppies started to fall, I called it and turned around.

The second attempt was after the sun had been out a few days and the mud was much drier.  This time, though, it was the snow that got me.  My snowshoes & crampons hadn't been delivered yet, so we did our best to scramble up in the snow with just boots.  Made it a little bit farther this time, but still no dice. 

Guess I'll have to try again in the spring. 

Attempt 2:

This was the pup's first real taste of snow - they were so excited!

After my hiking pole broke and I dropped the f-bomb and threw it on the ground, this little one came running over with her best "how can I help, Mom?" look.  I love her.  

I was pretty enthralled with the promise of snow, too!  It's been way too long.

The big rock spires out here are apparently all made from lava rock.  Amazing.

Up close look at the lava rock spire.

Is it wrong that I want to be here when that round rock tumbles off its neck?

This is as far as I made it on the first attempt.  The impassible mud started in that clearing.

Much drier on the second attempt - same clearing.  And two very happy puppies!

Am I in Switzerland?  

The aptly named Chimney Rock.

My #alive photo op

Poor Doug had to listen to me sing "The hiiiiiilllllllllls are alive with the sound of muuuuuuusic"

Where the snow ends was the lip of a several hundred foot cliff.  Yikes!

Knowing that the top really does exist, and can be easily accessed in the summer, gives me hope.  Check out photos from our neighbor's successful hike up Courthouse Mountain here:  https://boxcanyonblog.blogspot.com/2017/09/indulging-my-courthouse-compulsion.html