30 November 2018

Dexter Creek Trail #205

Most of my hikes are a combination of journey & destination - I enjoy both immensely.  But sometimes, I'm in the mood to just wander.  To breathe the mountain air; to be enveloped in a blanket of tall trees; to hear nothing but snow; to inhale the smell of fresh evergreen with every breath.  To not have a goal or a destination in mind.  Dexter Creek Trail was a perfect wandering adventure.

There was only one other truck at the trailhead, but its occupants must have taken a different trail because the human footprints ended about 1/2 mile in.  The rest of the way, we had a mixture of dry trail, packed snow, and virgin snow.

Great view of the Bridge of Heaven. On my "to do" list.

The trail was absolutely silent, except the occasional chirping of a bird, or the sound of an animal crashing through breaking tree limbs.  I was hoping for some wildlife sightings, especially since Sunday kept putting her nose in the air.  All we saw were tracks, though.  

We kept an eye out for this big guy.  This print was about the size of my whole hand!

Testing out the portrait setting on my new phone.  Sunday obliged.  

Like so many trails in Colorado, this one took us past the remnants of two abandoned mines.  First was the Alamadi Mine, where a near-perfectly preserved boiler of some kind just sits there waiting to be fired up again. 

I guess when your mine dries up, you just leave all your stuff behind.

Kind of like going to a museum, but with fresh air and no crowds.

Then there was the Old Maid Mine, marked by the walls of what looked like an old housing structure, and some kind of pulley thingy.

This looked like a cannon to me, but I'm sure it wasn't anything that exciting.

Virgin snow, up to my knees.  Fluffbutt had no problem hopping like a bunny right through it!

Obligatory selfie. I'm working on my selfie-smile.  The timer on my new phone helps. 

Every hike ends with a treat.  This time she didn't have to share with Finn.

Stuffed ducks make great post-hike pillows.

In bed and passed out by 1900.

Google Earth view (works best in Chrome):  https://earth.app.goo.gl/mr27CM