12 July 2018

Klamath Basin Brewing

First things first.  Klamath Basin Brewing used to be a "dairy" (otherwise known as an "ice cream shop" for us East Coast folks).

That explains the sign on the building:

Alas, now it is a brewery.  And a damn fine one, too.

Our first visit - just a pint each.  Amber for Doug and Vanilla Porter for me.

The second visit, I decided to do the tasters of 4 IPAs and Doug stuck with a big ol' mug of Pale

Beautiful deck .... but no dogs allowed.  Grrrrrrr.

The second time, we ate lunch.  Doug said his burger was "not so great".  I got the house-made spicy veggie burger and, although mushy, had great flavor.  But the beer --  super good!  Which makes me wonder, why can't it be both a "dairy" and a brewery??  I'd eat ice cream with beer.  Anyone else??