05 July 2018

The Depot Brewery & Distillery - Reno


That's about as excited as I got about The Depot.  It wasn't awful, it just didn't live up to expectations.  Food was edible and beer was drinkable.  Otherwise, it was just "meh."

Doug was feeling frisky and tried their version of a Moscow Mule; I stuck with a Pale Ale.
The building itself is pretty cool - its the former HQ for the Nevada-California-Oregon railway.  The inside has a great open feel, and has been redone with subway tile and distressed wood high tables.  The location is ..... well ...... make sure you lock your car. 

We ordered a house burger and a chicken breast sandwich and split them.  They were both OK.  Not wow, just OK.  The drinks were above average though.  Their house-brewed Pale Ale was about as close to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (my go-to beer) as you can get.  Doug had a fancy cocktail - their version of a Moscow Mule made with their house-distilled Silver Corn Whiskey.  If we come back here, it will be just for the (overpriced) cocktails (at happy hour).