05 July 2018

Water Sports

When you live full-time in an RV, you don't expect to be able to have all of the toys all of the time.  We've got 2 mountain bikes and a road bike, 2 motorcycles, multiple backpacks and Camelbaks, several yoga mats, and 2 sets of dog gear for every one of those activities.  Who ever thought we'd have room for a kayak and a SUP (stand-up paddleboard).  But Doug found these awesome Sea Eagle inflatable ones through another RVers blog, so he ordered them last fall.  (I think it was the video of a Jeep driving over the inflatable kayak without damaging it that really sold him on it!).  Anyway, we hadn't been anywhere conducive to testing them out until now.

This was my first time on a SUP (is it just me, or does everyone else see that and think of the Bud Light commercials from the late 90's -- "whaaaasssssssup?").  The first day, I paddled solo while Doug sat on the shore ready to call 911 if it all went horribly wrong.  I fell in a few times, but getting back up on the board was easy, and once I found my center of balance, I got in a groove.

You didn't really think I was going to post a picture of me falling in, did you??

The next day, Doug inflated his kayak and we both hit the water.  Sunday came along, too! 

Sunday started out in Doug's boat

First stop:  the Dog Beach so Sunday could have some fun

She insisted on riding with me after that

I'm excited to say that Sunday didn't cause a single crash.  She listened to her commands and, as long as she could see the other parent, she did great.  We didn't even make it out of the parking lot and she was sound asleep in the back seat.  Next time, I'll put my Garmin on her, just to see how far she swims!