15 June 2018

Animal Antics

The furry nomads have been especially adorable lately.  Adorable enough to warrant their very own post.  

There is no such thing as a relaxing walk when your companion is a Border Collie!

Mookie grabs a free ride in Huachuca Canyon.

"Hey!  Hey guys!  Slow down - cats have little legs!!"

Finn once saw a squirrel run up into this tree in 2102.  On every walk since then, he has to run
full speed toward it and climb up into the hollow of that tree.  One of these days, that squirrel is going to be there!

Keeping up with trail dogs sure wears a kitty out!!

Riding in the truck is obviously very stressful for Finn. He just can't relax.  

Mookie trying to learn how to herd. 
(Yes, that is a dog park.  Yes, we took Mookie to the dog park on a leash)