16 June 2018

REVIEW: LazyDays KOA (Tucson)

This used to be an independent campground, but is now a KOA.  The prices (of course) increased when they became a KOA, but they have also made a bunch of cosmetic improvements in the 2 years since we've been there.

  • Convenient to Downtown, Univ. of Arizona, Davis Monthan AFB.
  • Co-located with LazyDays RV Sales & Service.  You can walk over to the showroom (to dream of all the rigs you can't afford) or to visit your rig the service area.
  • Two nice pools w/hot tub, small fitness center, and good laundry facility. 
  • Restaurant and full bar on-site.
  • Clean & well-maintained. 
  • Large fenced-in dog park suitable for ball-throwing and wrestling.
  • The new solar panels provide much-needed shade in the summer months.
  • In the spring, the citrus trees provide breakfast! 

  • In the middle of the city - no views, no nature trails, no natural shade.
  • Lots of pavement/asphalt (which is very hard on dog paws in the summer!)
  • Terrible (really really terrible) internet.
  • A little pricey.
While we are here, I just want to give a shout-out to LazyDays, the RV dealer connected to the LazyDays KOA.  We bought our 2nd Toy Hauler there (after a really bad experience at another Arizona dealer who's name shall never pass these lips again) and the experience with LazyDays was fantastic. They were skilled at registering it out-of-state (which anyone in the military can attest is a PITA), no obnoxious up-selling, and great follow-up service.   In fact, it was such a great experience, that while we were there this time, Doug convinced me to go RV shopping, based on the argument that "if we're going to upgrade, we need to do it here where we can buy it from LazyDays."  🙄

Sorry no pictures in this review.  Just didn't get around to it.  The ones on their website are mostly representative of the experience.