21 June 2018

Flagstaff, AZ

Every once in awhile, we visit a place where I seriously consider giving up the nomadic lifestyle, buying some land and hunkering down.  Flagstaff is one of those places.  (Santa Fe, Jasper, and North Conway are the others, so far).  It is, in every way, perfect.  Literally in the middle of the Coconino National Forest, it is nestled in gorgeous mountains, and has more trails than you could explore in a lifetime, and has absolutely perfect weather.  It is also a decent size town, with everything we need to live (including several breweries and a Whole Foods!).   Don't tell Doug, but I may have bookmarked the "hiring" page on Northern Arizona University's website.... 😁

While we were here, we did three hikes and a motorcycle ride.  The rest of the time we spent sitting outside enjoying the perfect weather and breathing in the mountain air.

Ponderosa Pine forests as far as the eye can see.

Mountain views in every direction.

Chilly enough in the morning for a fleece, a hat, and a woobie!

Blue skies and beautiful mountains. 

We stayed at J&H RV Park off Hwy 89 in Flagstaff, which we loved.  Check out our review here.