21 June 2018

Colorado River

Our next big stop after Flagstaff will be Las Vegas to spend some time with Doug's father.  We easily could have driven all the way to LV in one day, but we really wanted to check out the Willow Beach RV Park in the Lake Mead National Recreation area.  Review here.

We don't do triple-digit weather (even when it is a dry heat), so there wasn't much activity for us outside the day we arrived.  But I did get up at 0500 the next morning to take the dogs for a walk and check out the scenery before the sun started to bake things.  Sunday could smell the river from the campground, so of course we had to take her swimming before we left.

View from our RV site at sunrise. 

Colorado River in the distance

Double click for a panorama

Double click for a panorama

Swimming from the dock at the marina

Panorama from the Marina

Swimming in the kayak/canoe put-in area.