30 June 2018


"Reno, the biggest little city in the world."

We don't much like cities, so the official Reno motto doesn't mean much to us.  But the mountains!  And the lakes!  And the breweries!! And the weather!!

In our quest to chase 70-degree weather, we've hit it in two places:  Flagstaff and Reno.  Imagine the best spring day you've ever experienced - low humidity, no bugs, a light breeze, and a crystal blue sky  - and that's what its been like since we arrived.   We may never leave.

The RV park we're at is across the street from a city park and marina.  Much to the pups' delight, there is an awesome dog park there with a dog beach!  They may never leave either.

Sparks Marina

Over and over and over again.

Dog beach


There are so many trails here to discover, but I'm still not feeling 100%.  So, as hard as it is to stay put when there are so many mountains to be climbed, I think I'm finally learning that if I push myself, it just makes the crash on the other end that much worse.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get out there next week.