14 June 2018

Ft. Huachuca walks

There are so many walks around Apache Flats RV Park, it would take forever to review them all.  Here are the three easiest ones - great for hot weather or getting your lungs adjusted to the elevation.

1.  Apache Flats loop and optional Heritage Trail. 

From the northeast corner of the RV park (near site #50), walk straight down to the T, bang a left and follow the path west and then south to the entrance back to the park.  There are lots of little diversions to explore, including going down the stairs before you turn south to access the 2-mile Heritage Trail.   This loop is great for dog walks, but does have a lot of wildlife.  Over the years, we've seen javelina, turkeys, deer, gopher snakes, one rattlesnake, lots of lizards, and families of bunnies. 

Lots of good smells out here in the wild!

2.  Cemetery Loop.

A longer walk starts and ends at the Ft. Huachuca Cemetery.  You can certainly access this on foot from the RV park, but that adds a good 2 miles and requires walking along the road for awhile.  I chose this time to drive to the Cemetery parking lot and do a 2-mile loop from there.  Make sure you summit "Star Hill" and look down on the parade field and the main part of post. 

Panorama from Star Hill (see the shadow of the star?)

Looking into Huachuca Canyon from the ridge up to Star Hill.

Most of the trail looks like this - wide and easy to navigate.

3.  Huachuca Canyon singletrack.

Another great walk (or mountain bike) is along the singletrack that parallels the dirt road into Huachuca Canyon.  You can pick up the trail at the junction of Reservoir Hill Road and Huachuca Canyon Road, or you can drive just a little bit up the dirt road to the first picnic area, which is what we did here.  If you're going to mountain bike it, I highly recommend riding up the dirt road, then dipping into the single track and swooping your way down. 

We took Adventure Kitty on this walk, so it was a little slow going!

Adventure Kitty!!

Finn's squirrel tree.  Since 2013.  Every time we come back, he knows exactly where to run.