17 June 2018

Sentinel Peak Brewing (Tucson)

In a non-descript strip mall in the middle of Tucson, you will find some really really good beer. 

Sentinel Peak Brewing is worth the visit.  Their motto "unfiltered and unapologetic" is pleasantly misleading (if you, like me, thought that meant everything would be wheaty and chewy).  I loved the IPA, and Doug loved the ESB (enough to get a Growler to Go). 

For me, the reason I came the free WiFi.  The internet at LazyDays was terrible, T-Mobile was even worse, and I had papers to grade and trip planning to do!  So, I could have gone to Starbucks, or I could have supported a local business and had a beer (not a difficult decision at all). 

Not only was there free WiFi, but it was wicked fast.  Not only was it free, but I got a $1 off your next pint coupon just for using their free WiFi.  Oh, yeah, and the beer was fantasic.  #winning

The next day, there was more trip planning to do (and I had that $1 off coupon) so I convinced Doug to come back with me.  He loved the beer, and said the sliders were "better than OK but not great".  But, the beer was great and the WiFi was fast and free.  Oh, and if we wanted to sit out in the heat on the deck, it would have been dog-friendly.  Can I say again #winning?

Beer, high-speed WiFi - what else do you need?