15 June 2018


We made the short drive up to Tucson on Sunday afternoon, 10 June.  Our primary reason for stopping there was to spend some time with human friends Kerry & Kate and Goldendoodle friends Bisbee & Callie.

Sunday teaches the Doodles how to divebomb onto the ball.  They did this at least 100 times!

Kate holds their attention with the last piece of Mexican Street Corn.

We ended up staying at Lazy Days KOA, even though it was double the cost of the military RV park on Davis Monthan AFB.  Tucson was (of course) having record-high temperatures and the Lazy Days offered shaded spots, which were well worth the money! 

We intended to only stay two nights, but the second day there, I had to pull out my passport for something, and realized it was EXPIRED!  Thank goodness I had to use it that day, or I never would have even thought to check it before driving to Canada.  Luckily, Tucson is one of the few cities where you can get a same-day passport renewal (for a $65 expediting fee).  Given the delays in receiving our mail because of the forwarding service, I never would have had a valid passport in time for Canada if it weren't for the same-day service in Tucson.  Whew!!

The internet at Lazy Days was horrible, T-mobile was not showing me any love, and I had papers to grade and travel planning to do!  Luckily, Sentinel Peak Brewing Company had free high-speed WiFi and a bartender that kept me hydrated.  (Yeah, yeah, I could have gone to a Starbucks, but its all about supporting local small business, right?)

Thanks Sentinel Peak Brewing Company for making
grading all those papers a little less painful!

After all of that running around Sierra Vista and Tucson, I felt a crash coming on, so we stayed another night in Tucson.  We just kind of puttered around the RV, made a run to Trader Joe's, and figured out our proposed schedule the next few weeks.   Next up:  Flagstaff!