30 June 2018

Revision Brewing - Reno

Revision is a cool little brewery in an industrial section near downtown Reno.  On a Friday afternoon, it had a younger crowd than we expected, but the 3 bartenders were super friendly and kept the service fast.  Set in an old warehouse, there are about 20 wooden picnic tables and two bars.  Although there was no patio/outside area, they had the warehouse garage door open, so it felt like being outside.   

Warning - if you don't like IPA, then this is not the place for you.  They had 6-8 unfiltered/hazy IPAs and 4-6 west coast style IPAs, and then 2 blondes.  I'm a huge fan of IPA (since chemo fried my taste buds, anyway) so I was pretty darn happy.  Doug, not so much.