05 June 2018

High Desert Home

Made it to Fort Huachuca, Arizona today, the place we called home 2012-2014 and again for a few months in the summer of 2016.  This is where our storage unit is located and one of two places our hearts truly feel at home (the other being the White Mountains of New Hampshire).

We are staying at the RV Park on Fort Huachuca (only open to Active Duty and Retired military), which is absolutely gorgeous.

Lots of room to sit outside in the shade!
Those views!!

When we downsized into the RV full time in 2016, we still weren't sure what kind of material things we would need, so while we sold lots of furniture and house-related stuff, we kept lots of other stuff and moved it all to this storage unit in AZ.  At the time, we thought we'd be here for 2 full years, living in the RV while Jen worked at Ft. Huachuca.  That would allow us to trade stuff in/out of the RV to/from the storage unit as we settled in and figured out what we'd really need.  We didn't plan on getting an unexpected cancer diagnosis and an emergency move to San Antonio, Texas!  So we left Arizona in a hurry, randomly throwing whatever we didn't want to carry to San Antonio into the storage unit.  And this week we have to sort through all that stuff.  We toyed with the idea of just selling the entire contents to one of those storage-unit-buyer people you see on late-night TV, but there's a fair amount of family stuff in there that we want to keep .... or pawn off on the kids so they have to deal with it.  😏

Where to begin????
Finn immediately knew when we arrived.  He woke up from a deep sleep in the back seat when we went through the gate to post.  Then he did this for the rest of the way to RV Park.  (This is a dog who is afraid of his own shadow and absolutely terrified of evil things like wind and open car windows).

A dog's nose knows when he's home.  
We'll be here til at least Sunday (the day, not the dog), sorting through that nightmare of a storage unit and donating lots of stuff to Goodwill.  There will also be some early morning hikes in the mountains and at least one motorcycle ride out into the Coronado National Forest.