17 June 2018

Arizona Trail (Flagstaff)

Due to extreme fire threat here, most of the trails we planned to hike were closed, and the open ones had overflowing parking lots (it is a Sunday in the summer, after all).  So after driving around for awhile, we settled on walking a section of the Arizona Trail.  The AZ Trail runs right down the middle of the state, from Utah to Mexico.  We've mountain biked portions of it, and its on my list of end-to-end trails I'd like to do (as soon as I get over my fear of rattlesnakes), but I never thought of just hiking a section of it here in Flagstaff.   And I'm so glad we did - over the course of 4+ miles, we ran into a total of 4 people.  Unfortunately, we couldn't go any further because of forest closures, but I could have stayed out here all day.

What, Mom?

Lizard!! Lizard!! Lizard!!

Mr. Grumpy Pants (and I even tried saying "beer")

This is the post-hike, post-Frosty Paw nap.

All Trails track here.