04 June 2018

Mountains! Desert!

We made it out of Texas!!  We're in New Mexico!!

There are MOUNTAINS!!!

Northwest of El Paso, on the way to Las Cruces.
When we got out of the truck, breathing the air wasn't like sucking on a wet towel!!!  It was 97 degrees here in Las Cruces this afternoon, but it sure didn't feel like it.

Once we got into our RV spot at Hacienda RV, we went for an early dinner at the Spotted Dog Brewery.  We discovered this little gem a couple of years ago and it is so good!  Even though it is dog-friendly, we didn't bring the pups because ..... well, we just needed a "date night"  (yes, even puppy parents need time away from their babies every once in awhile!)

Hunting for lizards!
 Oh, and in case any of you were worried, Mookie is just fine riding in the truck all day. 

Tomorrow:  Arizona!  I'm so freaking excited, I can't stand it.